Friday, September 22, 2006


Sept 21 , would have been my 1st wifes and I 20th anniversary , so I figured it would be a good time to let the world know what the immature bitch really did to her family. Five years ago, she almost unexpectadly walked out of the house and our marriage was over . when I say unexpectedly , in retrospect I should have seen it coming , and deep down I had enough of her , her father was charged with sexual assult to a minor , she spent all her time with her dogs , and apparently was fucking a family friend who was also married . i have kept it pretty quiet and amicable , because I still had a $10000 line of credit with her name on it , even though I was making the payments . as of the weekend the bank should be lending me the money to close it out and now i can finally tell her to fuck off . the latest has been the total disregard for our son's 17th birthday , not a phone call , or a card or nothing for him , she thinks its a get even for some money he stole from her , even though that was wrong it looks good on her that he did , as she has been living in a georgious home with a fat lazy rich asshole ( his fucking day is coming , his divorce isn't final yet either ,) she has not worked enough so that i can claim child support , and I did not pursue it in the courts as I could have had a wage assigned to her , she technically probbaly owes our son and daughter now age 19 about $15000.
not just the money thing , the whole split up contributed to my daughters journey through teenage hell , high school dropout , drugs , drinking , bad relationships . Not that i was a model father and parent trying to get her through the teenage years , she is at least working semi full time , and trying very hard to live on her own in the city , . our son has been through the same sort of things , stealing money from me , grandparents, her . drugs , but he is still determined to finish high school and get a good job , and get a sick car , . despite all the emotional problems they have had , they are still fighters and hopefully see , what there mother did by basically abandoning them when they were no longer the sweet little children and became smarter than her .
She is a self absorbed selfish , greedy , money loving , cheating , bitch , and I hope to live to see the day when what comes around goe around , she will get hers , the dayshe is old a lonely and her daughter and son don't want anything to do with her

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The good news is the dogs ok , even though he slipped yesterday chasing Rags , and was favouring his leg again . The bad news is my back is hurt again . the wife thinks she needs another pond in the backyard . our Koi had babies and now we need another pond to put them in . I think we are going into Koi sales . the roots where the pond had to go were brutal to shovel , and now my back is shot , right arm , right side , face , eye all hurt , time to go back to the chiropracter , but I hate going there , haven't been for a year and I think I still owe $30 , maybe I will tough it out for another day or so .
I really thought this would be more fun and interesting , but this week , blogging seems boring , maybe because my life is , or I just don't have enough time to write interesting enough stuff . I suppose I could make up some stuff , who would know , naw I can't do that , I m the only one reading this , so no use lying to myself ,
the wife who I will now call Leeann from now on , is crazy about these ponds and yard work . She puts on here shorts and skimpy top and works like crazy until she is hot and sweaty , then she bosses me around to do the same , butI think I am rebelling agianst her and besides my back hurts , I just want to watch her get hot and sweaty , and then maybe when the sun is almost down , grab her in the shed for some hot shed or outdoor sex . I think that will be tonites plan

Saturday, July 08, 2006

the sex was good , but this morning was almost a tragedy

the new bed is great , no sore back this morning , great sex last night .we had it really going good , big time orgasms .
This morning though almost turned into a tragedy when the dog got out on the road and got hit by a car , Heès ok though , really close and heès really lucky , and so are we , I m not sure how I would cope after loosing my other dog an the railway 2 years ago . I swore I would never have another dog , and here we are 2 years later with two , They are both so dependent on us , I cried when Shadow was limping around after getting hit , and I just kept saying Im sorry , God has put me in your trust and I let you down ,

Friday, July 07, 2006

house for sale or not

we looked at another house yesterday , it was older and had character, and lots of room , but the yard sucked for the dogs to run in , and have a pond , and it had close nieghbours , and the neighbourhood kinda sucked , welfare row up the street , and it was a busy corner , just too many negatives . And on top of that the place we looked at last week has a sold sign on it , same old story , everything we like sells fast except our place .
Wife got into her old bitchy way last night when my son called and wanted a ride home , Since I wasn't up to an argument last night it was a pretty quiet evening . We drive her daughter all over the place , but when my son wants a ride home from somewhere 5 mins away , it becomes abig fucking deal , arrrrgh
on a positive note , we bought a new bedroom suite today , spending money we don't got . Hopefully that is gonna help the wife , as she has some bad feelings about sharing the house and furniture that was my ex's . That was one of the reasons we listed the house was to go to something that is ours , but its has turned into such a fiaco , selling ours and finding a place we want . We are going to talk about , and think about taking the house off the market . on a much more positive note ... sex tonight , we have to break in the new bed , I think its time for candles and wine , and a couple of good orgasms . and a weekend doing nothing , or going to the beach ,
I think we both need a vacation . maybe up north to visit uncle jeff , who is shcizophrenic and lives almost on the lake in his moms house , who just died this spring and left him everything , close to a million dollars worth , even though he tried to kill her 25 years gao , and spent 10 years in a psych hospital . He's is as well as he can be now , I don't think he ever was schizo , but was fried on drugs when he did it , and the treatmnet they put him through did more harm than good . We should all try to live our life more like jeff , money means nothing to him , sex means nothing to him , he is just happy to have fiends and family and help out anyone he can , He is the town handyman and everyone nows him by name and the whole town looks after him after his mom died . I really am jealous of the life he leads now , but im sure he has gone through unspeakable hell to get there , . I only met him i started dating my wife ( he is from her side of the family ) , but we really hit it off great together , and he is one of those very unique people on this earth that there is far too few of .

Thursday, July 06, 2006

day one blog one

So this is it , does anyone really read this stuff , well here goes , Its a really fucking boring day at the office , so after reading weblogs lately I figured I can do this too , big deal , now I feel stupid , If they didn't want me to get to these sights they would have blocked them by now right ? what a fucking model employee I am. hope I don't loose my job over this . I really do need it , actually just the money , the work I could live without . So now what , my life is a rollercoaster that can change at any second , one fucking day after another , most times a blur , its been that way since my first wife lied her ass off , started fucking a family friend and then left , leaving me to raise a 14 year old daughter and a twelve year old boy . they are 19 and 17 now , hats off to me , they are still alive , not drugged out , and seem like they are gonna turn out ok , it was pretty fucking scary and tense many times though . even throw in a new girlfriend for me , who is now my wife and her 13 year old daughter with a real fucking irritating voice and attitude . Thank god she is away at camp most of the summer this year . . so now its time to throw some thoughts down ans see if i can help find my self , not that i was really looking to hard , but it is something we should do once in a while before we die , I guess we are all writers at heart , this just seems to encourage it a little
we are going to look at a house today , selling my life long home , I'v e had enough of it , but then again maybe we will stay there , its that money thing running our lives isn't it . its supposed to be a old house with charater , we will see . its the 40th or so house we have looked at in this small town in ontario , but not as small as the one where we live now
I work in a fairly big city , so i like to get away from it to the small town were Im no better than my neighbor and he doesn't think he's better than me