Thursday, July 06, 2006

day one blog one

So this is it , does anyone really read this stuff , well here goes , Its a really fucking boring day at the office , so after reading weblogs lately I figured I can do this too , big deal , now I feel stupid , If they didn't want me to get to these sights they would have blocked them by now right ? what a fucking model employee I am. hope I don't loose my job over this . I really do need it , actually just the money , the work I could live without . So now what , my life is a rollercoaster that can change at any second , one fucking day after another , most times a blur , its been that way since my first wife lied her ass off , started fucking a family friend and then left , leaving me to raise a 14 year old daughter and a twelve year old boy . they are 19 and 17 now , hats off to me , they are still alive , not drugged out , and seem like they are gonna turn out ok , it was pretty fucking scary and tense many times though . even throw in a new girlfriend for me , who is now my wife and her 13 year old daughter with a real fucking irritating voice and attitude . Thank god she is away at camp most of the summer this year . . so now its time to throw some thoughts down ans see if i can help find my self , not that i was really looking to hard , but it is something we should do once in a while before we die , I guess we are all writers at heart , this just seems to encourage it a little
we are going to look at a house today , selling my life long home , I'v e had enough of it , but then again maybe we will stay there , its that money thing running our lives isn't it . its supposed to be a old house with charater , we will see . its the 40th or so house we have looked at in this small town in ontario , but not as small as the one where we live now
I work in a fairly big city , so i like to get away from it to the small town were Im no better than my neighbor and he doesn't think he's better than me


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