Friday, July 07, 2006

house for sale or not

we looked at another house yesterday , it was older and had character, and lots of room , but the yard sucked for the dogs to run in , and have a pond , and it had close nieghbours , and the neighbourhood kinda sucked , welfare row up the street , and it was a busy corner , just too many negatives . And on top of that the place we looked at last week has a sold sign on it , same old story , everything we like sells fast except our place .
Wife got into her old bitchy way last night when my son called and wanted a ride home , Since I wasn't up to an argument last night it was a pretty quiet evening . We drive her daughter all over the place , but when my son wants a ride home from somewhere 5 mins away , it becomes abig fucking deal , arrrrgh
on a positive note , we bought a new bedroom suite today , spending money we don't got . Hopefully that is gonna help the wife , as she has some bad feelings about sharing the house and furniture that was my ex's . That was one of the reasons we listed the house was to go to something that is ours , but its has turned into such a fiaco , selling ours and finding a place we want . We are going to talk about , and think about taking the house off the market . on a much more positive note ... sex tonight , we have to break in the new bed , I think its time for candles and wine , and a couple of good orgasms . and a weekend doing nothing , or going to the beach ,
I think we both need a vacation . maybe up north to visit uncle jeff , who is shcizophrenic and lives almost on the lake in his moms house , who just died this spring and left him everything , close to a million dollars worth , even though he tried to kill her 25 years gao , and spent 10 years in a psych hospital . He's is as well as he can be now , I don't think he ever was schizo , but was fried on drugs when he did it , and the treatmnet they put him through did more harm than good . We should all try to live our life more like jeff , money means nothing to him , sex means nothing to him , he is just happy to have fiends and family and help out anyone he can , He is the town handyman and everyone nows him by name and the whole town looks after him after his mom died . I really am jealous of the life he leads now , but im sure he has gone through unspeakable hell to get there , . I only met him i started dating my wife ( he is from her side of the family ) , but we really hit it off great together , and he is one of those very unique people on this earth that there is far too few of .


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