Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The good news is the dogs ok , even though he slipped yesterday chasing Rags , and was favouring his leg again . The bad news is my back is hurt again . the wife thinks she needs another pond in the backyard . our Koi had babies and now we need another pond to put them in . I think we are going into Koi sales . the roots where the pond had to go were brutal to shovel , and now my back is shot , right arm , right side , face , eye all hurt , time to go back to the chiropracter , but I hate going there , haven't been for a year and I think I still owe $30 , maybe I will tough it out for another day or so .
I really thought this would be more fun and interesting , but this week , blogging seems boring , maybe because my life is , or I just don't have enough time to write interesting enough stuff . I suppose I could make up some stuff , who would know , naw I can't do that , I m the only one reading this , so no use lying to myself ,
the wife who I will now call Leeann from now on , is crazy about these ponds and yard work . She puts on here shorts and skimpy top and works like crazy until she is hot and sweaty , then she bosses me around to do the same , butI think I am rebelling agianst her and besides my back hurts , I just want to watch her get hot and sweaty , and then maybe when the sun is almost down , grab her in the shed for some hot shed or outdoor sex . I think that will be tonites plan


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