Friday, September 22, 2006


Sept 21 , would have been my 1st wifes and I 20th anniversary , so I figured it would be a good time to let the world know what the immature bitch really did to her family. Five years ago, she almost unexpectadly walked out of the house and our marriage was over . when I say unexpectedly , in retrospect I should have seen it coming , and deep down I had enough of her , her father was charged with sexual assult to a minor , she spent all her time with her dogs , and apparently was fucking a family friend who was also married . i have kept it pretty quiet and amicable , because I still had a $10000 line of credit with her name on it , even though I was making the payments . as of the weekend the bank should be lending me the money to close it out and now i can finally tell her to fuck off . the latest has been the total disregard for our son's 17th birthday , not a phone call , or a card or nothing for him , she thinks its a get even for some money he stole from her , even though that was wrong it looks good on her that he did , as she has been living in a georgious home with a fat lazy rich asshole ( his fucking day is coming , his divorce isn't final yet either ,) she has not worked enough so that i can claim child support , and I did not pursue it in the courts as I could have had a wage assigned to her , she technically probbaly owes our son and daughter now age 19 about $15000.
not just the money thing , the whole split up contributed to my daughters journey through teenage hell , high school dropout , drugs , drinking , bad relationships . Not that i was a model father and parent trying to get her through the teenage years , she is at least working semi full time , and trying very hard to live on her own in the city , . our son has been through the same sort of things , stealing money from me , grandparents, her . drugs , but he is still determined to finish high school and get a good job , and get a sick car , . despite all the emotional problems they have had , they are still fighters and hopefully see , what there mother did by basically abandoning them when they were no longer the sweet little children and became smarter than her .
She is a self absorbed selfish , greedy , money loving , cheating , bitch , and I hope to live to see the day when what comes around goe around , she will get hers , the dayshe is old a lonely and her daughter and son don't want anything to do with her